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Stucco’s increasing popularity is not just about style. It is its flexibility, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance that makes it a popular choice among homeowners. Interior stucco finishes can increase your property’s value by 10-20%. In addition to complementing Spanish revival and Tuscan style homes, interior stucco adds elegance to traditional and contemporary architecture. Suflex Stucco Design provides beautiful and durable stucco interiors in Cornwall, Ottawa, Belleville, and Ontario. Contact us for a free estimate.

Replace Paneling and Paint with Unlimited Stucco Colours and Design

Replace your paneling and painted surfaces with a superior stucco finish. In traditional Portland cement plaster or acrylic with its colour consistency, stucco surfaces offer a broader range of benefits in unlimited tints and designs. Here’s how stucco walls and ceilings can improve your home:

  • Strong surfaces that stay clean  

  • Better wearing than paint with no chips or cracks 

  • Available abuse-resistant finishes for busy areas 

  • Easy to clean, maintain or paint

  • Effective cover for patches, gouges and cracks 

  • Handcrafted look with richness and depth 

  • Choice of smooth or rough textures 

  • Options for natural, tinted, or stone finishes

Take a Look at Our Recent Work

Suflex Stucco Design has been providing reliable stucco applications and energy-efficient insulation systems for residential and commercial properties.

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